Amazon EFS–Encryption of Data in Transit

Amazon EFS–Encryption of Data in Transit

Amazon EFS is a file system for cloud-native applications that need shared access to file-based storage. Amazon EFS has been launched in 2016 and has since gained several new features. Now, AWS has included additional security for files transferred through EFS.

In-Transit Encryption

Apart from encryption of data at rest, AWS has added support for encryption of data while it is in transit in EFS. This provides another layer of data security to the AWS cloud, while proving transparent and having no noticeable effect on transfer speed.

The EFS mount helper will make it easier for users to employ encryption in transit. This will set up up a TLS tunnel to EFS and at the same time allow users to mount file systems using IDs. These two features work separately. Even if you are not using encryption in transit, you can still use the mount helper to mount file systems.

EFS Encryption in transit is available in all regions with EFS. The mount helper itself is only available for Linux. If you are running a different Linux distribution, you will need to clone the Github repo and build your own RPM as per the readme.

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