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Amazon ECS New Platforms Available

Amazon ECS makes it simple to run containerized applications. Everything is packaged as a service, so there is no application that needs to be installed. You simply specify the EC2 capacity you want and upload the container image.

To make Amazon ECS even more powerful, AWS has introduced three new features: application load balancing, IAM roles, and auto-scaling.

Application-load balancing

The most recent update, you can opt to apply high-performance load balancing. Operating on the application level, this feature lets you define content-based routing rules.

The new load balancer has two specific features that make it easy to run microfeatures: dynamic ports and letting many services share one load balancer.

Dynamic ports let you start services without any port conflicts. You may specify a dynamic port in the ECS task definition, which then provides the container an unused port once schedule on the EC2 instance. This is automatically added by the ECS scheduler. You can do these using the EC2 Console or through the AWS Command Line Interface.

IAM Roles for Amazon ECS Tasks

With this feature, you may assign an IAM role to an ECS task rather than an EC2 container instance. This way, you can have one IAM role working on one task and another role working on a different task, all in the same instance.

Service Auto-scaling

This feature lets you scale your ECS service in the same manner you scale EC2 instances. You can scale up during times of high demand and scale down when demand drops.

These features are all available now. Know how to best use them by contacting the best cloud consultants on the market today, here at PolarSeven.

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