Amazon EBS Snapshot Lifecycle Manager Launched

Amazon EBS Snapshot Lifecycle Manager Launched

amazon ebsFirst launched in 2008, Amazon EBS was designed to provide persistence storage for AWS cloud users. To help existing users create and manage their Amazon EBS snapshots, AWS has launched the Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager.

This service automates the creation, retention, and removal of Amazon EBS volume snapshots. No need to manually create and delete snapshots. Instead, users make a policy that dictates which volumes are to be snapshotted, set a retention model, provide some additional details, then Data Lifecycle Manager handles it from there.

This feature saves users a lot of money because it handles retention and deletion for you, without having to rely on 3rd party tools that could possibly fail.


  • Crash consistent—Snapshots will contain data from all completed input-output operations.
  • Pricing –Data Lifecycle Manager is free of charge, but you still pay for storage fees for the EBS snapshots it creates.
  • Zones – This service is so far available only in US East (N. Virigina), US West (Oregon) and EU (Ireland) regions.
  • Tags and Polices – if a volume has more than one tag and it matches several policies, each policy will make their own snapshot and the policies will manage their individual retentions.
  • Programmatic Creation — You can create and manage policies programmatically.
  • Error Handling – In case a policy goes into error state, this service creates a “DLM Policy State Change” event.