Amazon EBS: New HDD Options

Amazon EBS: New HDD Options

Economies of scale allow AWS to not just bring down costs but to improve existing services by developing better technology.  Case in point, AWS announced that Amazon EBS has launched two new low-cost and highly-reliable HDD volume options.

  • Throughput Optimized HDD (st1) – useful for workloads that require high throughput, like MapReduce, Kafka, and data warehouse. It also has burst performance, starting at 250 Mbps for a 1 Tb volume, with an additional 250 Mbps for every additional Terabyte for a max burst throughput of 500Mbps.
  • Cold HDD (st1) – useful for the same workloads as the Throughput Optimized HDD, but are used less frequently. Burst values start at 80 Mbps per Tb volume with additional 80 Mbps for every additional Terabyte provisioned, for a max 250 Mbps burst throughput.

You can start using these new volumes today for AWS EC2 and AWS EMR. Pricing details can be found at the EBS pricing page.

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