Amazon EBS Adds Cost Allocation

Amazon EBS Adds Cost Allocation

Amazon EBS adds Cost allocation

Amazon EBS provides a great option that lets you create persistent, low-latency block storage for all your EC2 instances. It comes with the ability to create snapshot backups of your EBS volume.

Another useful service is Amazon Billing and Cost Management, which lets you easily track your spending in AWS. It provides Cost allocation tags that you can use to attach costs to items such as customers, applications, teams, departments, or billing codes of individual resources.

Now, as an added features, you may use cost allocation for EBS snapshots. This feature lets you assign costs to your specified projects, departments or entity—highly useful for businesses using Amazon EBS. Managed Service Providers will also be able to map snapshot costs to individual customer applications and accounts.

This feature is available for use in all AWS regions. If you would like to learn how to manage costs in AWS, we can help you. Contact our AWS cloud specialists at PolarSeven today.