Amazon Lightsail Now with Managed Databases

Amazon Lightsail Now with Managed Databases

amazon lightsailAmazon Lightsail is designed to be an easy to use cloud server. Lightsail allows you to get into AWS by providing you a preconfigured Linux or Windows application stacks, letting you select an instance plan and create an instance all within moments.

Now, AWS is introducing managed databases to Amazon Lightsail. Each Lightsail database bundle has fixed monthly price. It includes the database instance, the SSD storage, at least a terabyte of data transfer to the Internet and other AWS regions. It also provides automatic backups for point-in-time recovery over 7 days, with the option for manual backups that carry a separate cost.


  • High Availability – Note that you should use the High Availability option so as to keep a database footprint that spans two Zones. You can then switch between Standard and High Availability.
  • Scaling Storage – you have the option to scale to a larger database instance by creating and then restoring a snapshot.
  • Free Data Transfer Between instances – Data transfer between Lightsail instances in the same AWS Region is considered separate from the usage in your selected plan.
  • In the future, AWS will support the two latest versions of MySQL, and other database engines as they become available.

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