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Amazon Neptune Now Made Generally Available

amazon neptuneAmazon Neptune is AWS’s fully-managed high-performance graph database service, allowing users to create applications that work with highly-connected datasets. Amazon Neptune is capable of storing billions of relationships and can query graphs with latencies measured in milliseconds.

With support for Property Graph and RDF, Neptune allows users to create queries for highly connected datasets. This makes it superbly useful for recommendation engines, knowledge graphs, and network security. It also automatically provides minor version upgrades, backups, encryption, and fail-over.

Since its announcement, Amazon Neptune has received a number of updates and performance enhancements, support for AWS CloudFormation and Command Line interface/SDK support, and support for IAM roles with bulk loading from Amazon S3.

AWS continues to revolutionize businesses with the power of the cloud. If you would like to know how it can help with your enterprise, kindly contact our AWS specialists at PolarSeven today.


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