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Track Changes and Trigger Actions with CloudWatch Events

AWS allows its clients to build tools that monitor and manage the states of their individual AWS environments. These tools work by calling functions that poll AWS resources, such as EC2 instances, EBS volumes, etc.

Moreover, these functions also must call other APIs for added information on every resource, detect any changes made, then proceed to take appropriate action. All these steps make monitoring systems bigger and unwieldy.

To create a more streamlined and efficient process, AWS has launched CloudWatch Events, a near real-time system for streaming changes in your AWS resources.

There are three main components: events, rules, and targets. In short, CloudWatch Events lets you create simple, easy to set-up rules, that route such events to your AWS Lambda functions, Amazon Kinesis streams, Amazon SNS topics, and other targets.

As such, CloudWatch Events serves as an instant relay system, triggering your functions and sending messages as you see fit, based on your rules.

It’s so much easier to create a responsive monitoring system for your customers and for your organization. You can find out when problems occur in your database, applications, or websites, and thereby respond quickly .

CloudWatch events also sends metrics to CloudWatch itself, so you can make sure that your rules are working as expected.

You can use CloudWatch Events right now. For more information on creating a perfect automated triggering system for your enterprise, talk to our AWS-certified cloud experts in PolarSeven today.




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