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The Future of Cloud Technology

It’s an exciting time for the IT industry: Cloud computing is answering technology needs not just for private individuals but for companies both large and small. The 2014 annual Future of Cloud Computing survey has shown that SaaS adoption has gone up by more than 500% since 2011. Also, 56% of businesses are using IaaS for additional computing capacity while 41% is using PaaS to build and test applications. Meanwhile, 58% of businesses spend more than 10% of their annual budgets on cloud services.

It is time to look forward. Where are we going with the cloud? How far can it take us and what is on the horizon?

More Cloud-based Applications

The trend of building applications for the cloud will continue; there’s no stopping it now. According to the “Global Technology Outlook: Cloud 2014: A More Disruptive Phase”, more than 25% of all applications will be available on the cloud by 2016. That is a staggering 48 million applications. Moreover, most enterprises will build their cloud-based software within the cloud itself, since cloud technology will make it easier and more cost-effective to do so.

Lower use of Private Clouds

As enterprises demand more from cloud technology, they will resort to bringing public and private clouds together into hybrids or multiclouds. Migration drivers include security, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and performance.

Increased Demand for Cloud IT Skills

It is reported that 42% of UK and US based companies had to hire IT professionals specifically for cloud computing skills, yet roughly the same number had difficulty finding skilled cloud experts. As the cloud continues to grow, it is expected that universities will incorporate cloud technology in their courses.

Bigger market for the cloud

As per the survey, roughly 66% of respondents believe that they will adopt cloud computing in some way. IT analyst Gartner claims that the global SaaS market will grow by as much as 20.2% annually—up to $46B by 2017. Within two years, Forbes projects that 34% of enterprises will have 60% of their data and applications on the cloud. In particular, 47% of marketing departments will be raising the stakes by putting 60% of their applications in the cloud.

The surveyors widely believed that cloud computing will completely transform and in many cases turn entire industries on their head. Uber, for example, has revolutionized the taxi industry in several countries it has spread to.

Cloud technology will continue to evolve rapidly in the coming years, and more players will join the market as the demand grows. In time, nearly all applications of every enterprise will depend in some way on the cloud.

What will your cloud strategy be?

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