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  • Deploy an application to AWS cloud in under 5 days
  • Grow your business by leveraging on AWS resources
  • Lower costs and improve agility
  • Bring focus to your customers, not your infrastructure
  • Turn your plans into reality

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  • Cost Effective

    Stop spending on data servers and pay only for resources you consume. AWS saves you up to 70% on ownership costs over a 5 year period.

  • Secure

    Avail of top-notch electronic surveillance, multi-factor access control systems, protected data centers, and more.

  • Fexible

    Run any type of workload on the AWS infrastructure, from transactional to web to development.

  • Scalable

    Use resources only as needed. Continuous innovation, new services, and additional server capacity means that AWS has more to offer you over time.

PolarSeven are an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner. PolarSeven have built and deployed Cloud Solutions for some of Australia’s largest organisations including Fairfax, Lend Lease and the NSW Office Of State Revenue.

Our JumpStart Program outlines how you can move your applications to the AWS cloud environment providing great cost savings while maintaining the performance and reliability of your services using our Lift & Shift methodology.

Here's How It Works

PolarSeven will review your current system and processes on our JumpStart workshop. Our development team will outline the simplest solution and map out the cost savings to your business using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud network.

Once we have reviewed and planned the appropriate migration process we will seamlessly migrate one instance from your current solution to the cloud with minimal disruption to your services.

The resulting outcome will be a stable and secure platform that will respond better to your future companies growth requirements while providing a stable cost saving solution.

Find Out More:

>> Call: 1300 659 575
>> Or complete the enquiry form at the top of this page

Here's What You Get

The JumpStart Program comprises of a one day workshop at your place of business where we involve your team in the identification and deployment of one instance application.

This comprises of:

16 Hours PolarSeven Consulting with 2 Engineers on site for the day plus an additional 8 hours completed offsite specifying your custom blueprint.

What our Engineers cover in the JumpStart workshop:

>> Cloud readiness assessment
>> Best practice deployment
>> Multi-Availability Zone Deployment
>> Directory Services
>> Identify one workload for migration
>> Basic Ci/Cd pipeline to start your DevOps practice
>> Answering ALL your questions

Additional Services Included in your JumpStart workshop:

>> Security Best Practice Deployment
>> AWS infrastructure credits (*To The Value of $500)
>> 1 day AWS Essentials training (delivered by AWS)
>> AWS Business Support activated on the account