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EC2 Run Command: Hybrid & Cross-Cloud Management

EC2 Run Command, which was launched last year, made it simple for IT professionals to manage large numbers of EC2 instances on Windows or Linux. As developers and system admins have found it to be highly useful for installing updates, patches, and applications on a large scale, AWS has made EC2 Run Command even more useful.

You may now use EC2 Run Command for servers outside of EC2. These servers, known as Managed Instances, can be controlled by installing an AWS SSM agent. From there you can create and/or issue command documents.

The agent currently runs only on these two operating systems: Windows Server (32 and 64 bit) – 2003-2012, including R2 versions, and Linux (64 bit) – Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1+, CentOS 7.1+. It also works on the host for a virtualized environment that uses VMWare.

The agent simply requires the ability to make HTTPS requests to the SSM endpoint of the region you are targetting. The agent then sends some ID information on the host to AWS. The data includes the host name, platform type and version, agent version and host IP address. Note that this information will be encrypted in AWS and can be deleted when you unregister the server.

This feature is currently available and you can read more about this functionality at the documentation. In the meantime, you can learn how to apply EC2 and EC2 Run Command to your environment by contacting our cloud consultants at PolarSeven.

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