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GE Oil & Gas Saves Millions with AWS

GE Oil & Gas is a relatively new division of General Electric that came about from several acquisitions in the 80’s. Roughly 85% of offshore oil rigs in the world use their drilling systems. Given its penchant for innovation, it made great sense for the company to migrate into the AWS cloud.

GE Oil & Gas’s objectives were to improve productivity for their manufacturing and shop floors, reduce downtime, speed up their processes, and reduce costs.

The company began an iterated process of moving their 900 applications into the cloud. In order to create a resilient architecture, they automated as many tasks as they could. They also focused on creating a secure cloud environment.

After much effort and collaboration, GE Oil & Gas reported startlingly successful results:

Operational Costs

  • 35% reduction in compute assets
  • 50 decommissioned applications
  • $14M Year-on-year savings
  • In terms of cost avoidance, they reported 52% TCO savings

Business Agility

  • 77% faster time to delivery of applications
  • Rapid experimentation
  • Reduced technical debt
  • Streamlined M&A Activity

Productivity and Resilience

  • Development of automated bots
  • Shift to DevOps
  • Improved System Security
  • Self-service culture

For a $14M investment and 18 months of work, the company created 311 cloud apps and $14M YOY savings. For GE Oil & Gas, AWS has proven to be valuable business partner and profitable investment.

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