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Elastic Load Balancing Enhancement

Elastic Load Balancing is AWS’s means of distributing traffic across several EC2 instances. This means that you can add or subtract instances from your server farms without interrupting your system as a whole.

AWS has made Elastic Load Balancing even better by adding support for all ports and additional fields for access logs.

When you initiate a load balancer, it typically requires you to configure one or more listeners, which in turn accepts requests from a single specific port. While these ports were previously limited to a set of small, low numbers, users may now avail of ephemeral ports ranging from 1024 to 65535. This allows you greater flexibility, such as letting you reserve the low number ports only for services that require it.

In addition, the load balancing access logs now have more fields for additional information related to specific protocols. These are:

  • User agent – logged for TCP requests from HTTP or HTTPS ports.
  • SSL Cipher and protocol – logged for TCP requests from HTTPS and SSL ports.

More information on these logs can be found in the Monitor Your Load Balancer Using Elastic Load Balancing Access Logs.

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