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EC2 Systems Manager Now Syncs with S3

Ec2 Systems managerThe Amazon EC2 Systems Manager is a service that allows users to create system images, gather information on your software,  manage Windows and Linux operating systems, and install patches. This means you get to securely and remotely manage your EC2 instances and environments for your on-premise machines that are on EC2 Systems Manager.

AWS announced a new feature for EC2 Systems Manager: Resource Data Sync or S3 Sync. With this, you may gather data from all your EC2 instances in any region and store in them in Amazon S3. From here you can use Amazon Athena to run queries against the instance inventory.  You can also use Amazon Quicksight to view the software installed on your instances. You can learn more about this process through the user guide.

With EC2 Systems Manager, you don’t have to make custom scripts to gather all inventory data from your instances. This feature can do that for you, letting you preserve the data even after the instance is decommissioned. You can even send inventory data from instances in other regions straight to your S3 bucket.

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