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EC2 Instances Introduce Size Flexibility

Ec2 instance flexibilityAWS EC2 had been upgraded in previous months with the release of Regional RIs. These RIs apply the discount for any Availability Zone within their Region, which can go as high as 75% compared to On-demand pricing.

Starting this March, Regional RIs have been upgraded for greater flexibility. Any regional Linux/UNIX RIs with shared tenancy now apply to all instance sizes within an instance family and AWS region. This works even if they’re being used across multiple accounts.

For example, if you have an RI an instance size, say c4.8xlarge, the RI now applies to any instance of Linux/UNIX c4 instance with shared tenancy within the region. This could be sixteen c4.large instances, four c4.2xlarge instances, two c4.4xlarge instances, or one c4.8xlarge instance. This way, users will spend less time on managing RIs.

You can also use this in combinations, such as one c4.4xlarge and eight c4.large. This way you can be more creative and flexible with your use of compute services.

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