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AWS User Group Sydney March 1st

Please join us for our monthly meetup sessions where we discuss what’s new and happening in the AWS space. Our regular speakers include industry experts along with clients and case studies on how they have utilised AWS services to improve their business. Session times and speakers are outlined below with full details provided nearer the date. Please arrive before 17.45 […]

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Facial Rekognition Matures—Estimates Age Range

Facial Rekognition Matures—Estimates Age Range

Facial Rekognition has been announced last December as part of AWS artificial intelligence services. Not only is it smart enough to detect faces and objects in an image, it can also search for and compare faces. I can do this through deep learning neural network models, where it goes through billions of images and returns useful attributes per face. Today, […]

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AWS WorkSpaces Supports SSD Volumes and Cost Explorer

AWS WorkSpaces has two new features: it now uses SSD storage for root and user volumes and comes with a Cost Optimizer to track usage and spending. SSD Volumes Newly launched WorkSpaces now get to use SSD volumes—all for free in regions that offers WorkSpaces. This translates to faster booting times and performance, which will help with applications that require […]

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AWS User Group #58 – February 1st 2017

AWS User Group #58 - February 1st 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our first AWS User Group this year. Great presentations by Brocade and Chef, slide decks and video presentations are below as well as lots of pictures from the night here. Make sure you join us next month for presentation from Sophos and CloudHealth. Register here to reserve your spot. Session 1: AWS CloudFormation Automation, […]

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AWS IPV6 Now Supports 15 Regions

AWS IPv6 support has been added to several services in the last two years, all the way up to support for EC2 instances in Virtual Private Clouds. And while it was initially only for the US East (Ohio) region, AWS is happy to announce that IPv6 is now available for 15 regions. From now on, you may develop applications that […]

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AWS User Group Sydney – Meetup #58

Our first AWS User Group of the year is happening next week, back right on track at our regular first Wednesday of every month at Blue Chilli. This month your Event Organisers PolarSeven­ will be hosting our two expert guests Chris Kawchuck from Brocade­ and Matt Ray from Chef presenting sessions on Cloud Formation, Serverless Architecture and AWS Opsworks. Session […]

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AWS WAF Protects Load Balancers

Security comes first in this day and age, and AWS is making sure it’s ahead in terms of protecting users from threats. It has previously introduced AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall), which protects your web applications from attacks and exploits. AWS WAF lets you manage access control lists, rules, and conditions. This effectively allows you to grant or deny access […]

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Create Amazon Aurora Read Replica from RDS MySQL Instance

AWS has launched a new feature for Amazon Aurora: you may create an Aurora Read Replica from an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance. This proves extremely useful for migrating a critical database that simply cannot be taken offline, even for an hour. To use this feature, you first need to create a DB snapshot of your RDS instance. You […]

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Amazon RDS cleared for Provisional FEDRAMP-High Authorization

As a testament to the security of Amazon RDS (Relational Database), the service has gotten an okay from the U.S. government. Specifically, it has been given a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) at the FedRAMP High Baseline inside the AWS GovCloud. High Baseline means that U.S. government agencies may use Amazon RDS to store data which, while unclassified, is still […]

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AWS Cost Explorer Provides Reserved Instance Utilization Report

The AWS Cost Explorer tool lets you keep track of your spending on AWS. By providing reports and analytical tools, you can keep track of your cloud expenses and analyze your spending patterns. AWS Cost Explorer even lets you drill down into specific areas and set up your own filters for better analysis. AWS has announced that Cost Explorer will […]

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