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AWS WorkSpaces Supports SSD Volumes and Cost Explorer

AWS WorkSpaces has two new features: it now uses SSD storage for root and user volumes and comes with a Cost Optimizer to track usage and spending.

SSD Volumes

Newly launched WorkSpaces now get to use SSD volumes—all for free in regions that offers WorkSpaces. This translates to faster booting times and performance, which will help with applications that require quick loading.

While it is possible to upgrade existing WorkSpace volumes to SSD, be warned that it would mean deleting all data from the original volume.

AWS WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer

On the enterprise level, it becomes imperative to stay on top of expenses. Which is why AWS is also introducing Cost Optimizer for WorkSpaces. This service, as you probably know, analyzes usage and determines the optimal billing option for you, based on the data. WorkSpaces can bill either hourly or monthly. You may also customize Cost Optimizer to your environment.

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