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AWS: Why Amazon Tops the Cloud

Every year, more cloud service providers keep joining the market and the competition gets fiercer. Despite that, Amazon Web Services remains among the top providers of the game. And it’s not difficult to see why.

Massive Scale

AWS currently reigns as the IaaS king and with good reason—the company provides massive public cloud with virtually unlimited computing capacity.

AWS has 11 regions, with each one having at least two availability zones and at least one data center. Each data center has a minimum of 50,000 servers and sometimes more than 80,000 servers. That means AWS can have up to 5.6M servers worldwide. And since AWS can have your applications running on physically separate locations, it can guarantee 99.9% availability. This goes a long way in easing bottlenecks in networks all around the world.

Scalable, Interconnected Services

AWS services, such as Amazon EC2, S3, and EBS, can integrate with each other and complement higher order services like RDS and EMR. If you are running instances on Amazon EC2, for example, you can back up files using Amazon EBS, send notifications to all users using Amazon SMS, maintain your database using RDS, and manage a website using CloudFront. AWS makes it easy to use them all in concert.


As more users join up, economies of scale allow AWS to lower its price. However, AWS claims that innovation is what ultimately drives people to adopt their services, not price. They build features that enterprises are willing to pay for.

One example is how AWS makes it easy for enterprises to adopt the cloud. EC2 in particular is a massive advantage for start-up companies as it lets them run software on virtual computers at zero up-front cost. You simply log on, select the kinds of virtual computers you want to use, and pay as you go. There are even templates you can use as guides for the type of instances you will need, as well as a calculator to determine how much you will spend over time.

As such, you no longer have to spend days or weeks provisioning machines for a start-up; simply go through some web forms and you can get your data center up and running in a matter of moments.I t also dramatically lowers their operational cost, as it removes the need to have staff manage a company’s hardware.

AWS has built its business on innovation and shows no signs of stopping. Andy Jassy states that, “We are iterating and adding features at a very fast clip. Just since last February (2014), in 13 months, there are 56 new features alone in Amazon RedShift.

With millions of customers worldwide and 137% year-on-year growth, it’s no surprise that AWS remains a powerhouse in the cloud business. To help its customers find the solutions they want, AWS has created partnerships with third party providers based on the AWS platform. If you are looking for cloud solutions as well, consult an accredited PolarSeven cloud strategist today.


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