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AWS Senior VP Andy Jassy Announces New Services

Coming out of the recent AWS Global Partner Summit (re:Invent), we received some exciting news from Amazon Web Services Senior VP Andy Jassy: AWS is adding several new services to its growing collection. Here’s a preview of just some of these additions:

Amazon QuickSight

A powerful business analytics tool that can gather data from many sources to create faster analytics, all at 1/10 the cost of traditional on-premise systems. You can instantly analyze and visualize data from a wide variety of sources to create business analytics. You can tell a visual story with the data you obtain, such as identifying sales trends versus marketing promotions for your store.

Amazon Kinesis Firehose

This new service lets you load streaming data continuously into AWS. It automatically creates a delivery stream that can load several gigabytes of data per hour. The data is also automatically encrypted going in and out.

You can have up to 5 streams per account. In case you need more, you may simply ask AWS.

Amazon Import/Export Snowball

Need help transferring petabytes of data from a data center to the cloud? AWS Import/Export Snowball can help with that. This new service lets you migrate large volumes of data to the cloud. The device itself is a rugged and sturdy 50 Tb shippable storage appliance, completely self-contained, with no need to pack and unpack. You simply plug it in, connect to your network, run the client, and you are ready to copy. Once your data is safely inside you can have it shipped to AWS and they will load your data into the cloud for you. Not bad for $200 per appliance.

AWS Database Migration Service

This service lets you migrate your data to and from all commonly-used and open-sourced databases. Data Migration lets you minimize downtime due to migrations, thereby letting you move a terabyte-sized database quickly and easily for as low as $3.

AWS Schema Conversion Tool

Still on the topic of database migration, heterogenous migrations are often hard and costly due to different formats for schema objects between databases. This free conversion tool lets you easily and automatically convert the entire source database schema and the most of its custom code into one that is compatible with your target database.

AWS Config Rules 

Given the speed and agility of running applications on the cloud, it may be difficult for some enterprises to focus on complying with industry standards. With AWS Config Rules, you can set up compliance rules for each action, verifying if they comply with your security guidelines. No need to create a compliance board to monitor your actions; if the actions don’t meet the conditions specified in the rules, then it can take a response of your choice, such as alerting senior management.

Amazon Inspector 

Finally, AWS is introducing its own automated security assessment service. Amazon Inspector can detect and remediate possible security issues early. Inspector can provide reports and audit trails on each AWS resource, based on the following criteria:

  • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
  • Network Security Best Practices
  • Authentication Best Practices
  • Operating System Security Best Practices
  • Application Security Best Practices
  • PCI DSS 3.0 Assessment

You can watch the keynote speech below. There are more services to come, so stay tuned for the second half of this update.


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