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AWS Reduces Price for M4 and Reserved Instances

AWS REduces price for reserved instancesAWS is all about economy of scale, and when their technology makes a great leap forward the result is cost reduction. AWS is happy to announce that it is lowering prices for reserved instances and M4 instances as well.

Firstly, customers now have an option for no upfront payment for 3 years. This is for Standard Reserved Instance,s including C4, M4, R4, I3, P2, and T2 . Formerly, this was just a 1 year term for Standard Reserved Instances.

What’s more, prices have been lowered for No pfront1 Years Standard and 3 Year Convertible Reserved Instances, by up to 17%. Again this includes C4, M4, R4, I3, P2, and T2 instances, according to their type, OS, and region.

The prices for Convertible Reserved Instances have also been lowered. These instances allow customers to change the instance family and other details any time they wish. Prices for 3 Year Convertible Reserved Instances are down 21% at most.

Finally, the price for M4 instances has now been lowered by up to 7%.

You can find out more about these pricing changes at the Reserved Instance Pricing Page. And if you would like to get started in cloud computing and building a powerful data center in the cloud, contact our consultants at PolarSeven today.

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