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AWS News – EC2 Container Service and DynamoDB Updates

EC2 Container Service

AWS launched the EC2 Container Service in the third quarter of 2014, and as with the rest of AWS’s services it just keeps getting better. Below is a year-to-date recap of several enhancements that AWS developers have generated for EC2 Container Service, based on feedback and requests from clients.

  • Docker support enhancements – As of February of this year, EC2 Container Service supports images uploading from Docker. Users may authenticate through their own Docker registries and upload their images from their private repositories. The service also supports mounting data volumes for sharing between containers.

AWS EC2 Container Service is a highly-scalable container management service that lets users run applications on a managed cluster of EC2 instances. Major organizations that use the EC2 Container Service are Hailo, Coursera, and Remind.

Amazon DynamoDB: Additional Features

AWS has also introduced new features for Amazon DynamoDB users: DynamoDB Streams, AWS Lambda support, and a new Cross-Region Replication app.

DynamoDB Streams is a feature that allows users to track changes to their DynamoDB tables. Once enabled for your table, all puts, updates, and delete commands throughout the day are recorded . You may then stream these updates using an API call. Clients may use the results from the stream record in several ways: real-time analytics, run business processes, created and modify caches, and so on. Adding DynamoDB Streams carries no charge. You only have to pay per read request you make to obtain the data on the streams. You may read more on using DynamoDB streams from the developers guide.

You may also use DynamoDB Streams in conjunction with AWS Lambda to create database triggers. Lambda lets you create powerful, more versatile functions: apart from typical trigger actions such as insert, delete, and change table items, you can use Lambda to analyze changes, enforce rules, and manage the hosting and scaling of your growing database. You can learn how to use database triggers through the Trigger User Guide.

Lastly, AWS is also releasing a cross-region replication app which, as the name implies, lets you duplicate your databases in other regions. Dmakes it easy to recover from disasters and retrieve data faster for users in different regions. You may use this feature free of charge, paying only for the resources (e.g. EC2, storage, data transfers, database stream requests) that you consume. Learn more about cross-replication here.

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