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AWS: New I3 Instances For I/O Heavy Workloads

AWS has just announced the release of I3 instances, designed specifically to support input-output intensive applications. There are six different sizes in all, open to 15 different AWS regions.

With up to 3.3 M IOPS at a 4k block and a maximum of 16 Gig per second sequential disk throughput, these instance types can carry workloads that require high throughput low latency tasks, such as relational or NoSQL databases, search engines, data warehouses, real-time analytics, and disk-based caches.

Here are the prices in US East (Northern Virginia) region.

Size No. of vCPUs Memory size Instance Storage Hourly rate
i3.large 2 15.25 GiB 0.475 TB $0.15
i3.xlarge 4 30.5 GiB 0.950 TB $0.31
i3.2xlarge 8 61 GiB 1.9 TB $0.62
i3.4xlarge 16 122 GiB 3.8 TB (2 disks) $1.25
i3.8xlarge 32 244 GiB 7.6 TB (4 disks) $2.50
i3.16xlarge 64 488 GiB 15.2 TB (8 disks) $4.99

More information on pricing for different regions can be found here.

Please note that I3 instances support Hardware Virtualization (HVM) AMIs only. Also, they must be run within a Virtual Private Cloud. To maximize the performance of NVMe storage, you should run on the following operating systems:

  • Amazon Linux AMI
  • RHEL – 6.5 or better
  • CentOS – 7.0 or better
  • Ubuntu – 16.04 or 16.10
  • SUSE 12
  • SUSE 11 with SP3
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, and 2016

EC2 instances are a great way to run applications without having to spend capital on high-end machines. We know the way through the cloud, so let us help you find the best way to manage the cost of leveraging AWS. Contact PolarSeven today.


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