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AWS Launches Network Load Balancer

As part of their ongoing mission to provide better service, AWS has launched the new Network Load Balancer. Designed to handle hundreds of thousands of requests per second, Network Load Balancers guarantee incredibly low latency with high network throughput. Since it is compatible with the Application Load Balancer you may use them in tandem, gaining full control of Targets and Target Groups.

Network Load Balancer Features

Static IP Addresses. You use a single IP address for each VPC subnet under a Network Load Balancer. The NLB will create and manage two IP address for targets in two separate subnets. You may also specify an already existing Elastic IP for each subnet. You get full control of over your IP addresses.

Zonality. Thanks to the IP-per-subnet feature, you also get lower latency and better performance, availability, and fault tolerance. Network Load Balancers are transparent to your client applications. They also try to route requests from one source to targets in a single subnet while tolerating automatic failover.

Source Address Preservation. Network Load Balancer does not change the original source IP address and source ports for incoming connections. Applications do not have to support X-Forward-For, proxy protocol, or other workarounds, allowing normal firewall rules to be used on targets.

Long-Running Connections. NLB connections have fault-tolerance that can handle connections lasting months or years. They are great for IoT, gaming, messaging, and similar long-running connections.

Failover. Supported between IP addresses within or across regions.

The Network Load Balancer is best used for load balancing TCP traffic and handling sudden, unstable traffic patterns. You can compare it with other load balancers here.

Network Load Balancers are priced at $0.006 per LCU, based on the highest value seen across these three factors:

Bandwidth – 1 GB per LCU.

New Connections – 800 per LCU.

Active Connections – 100,000 per LCU.

Network Load Balancers are currently available at all regions except for China.

If you require help using EC2 and Load Balancers for your enterprise, kindly contact our AWS specialists at PolarSeven.


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