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AWS Lambda – Slack Integration Blueprints for ChatOps

ChatOps is the latest collaboration trend wherein development is driven by conversations between co-workers.

Through the use of chat bots, you and your co-workers can launch scripts and plug-ins during chat. The result is a combination of real-time shared view, conversations, collaborations, and a tracking system for changes made to a project.

To help users manage their environments in this new form of collaboration, AWS has launched Slack Integration Blueprints for AWS Lambda. You can use these blueprints to create tools for ChatOps in Slack conversations.

For example, you can use slack-echo- blueprints to create command-activated bots. Or you can use cloudwatch-alarm-to-slack- to create bots that give custom status reports and notifications.

Do you feel the need for ChatOps to enhance your collaborations and increase productivity? Contact our cloud experts at PolarSeven today.


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