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AWS Lambda Now Supports Node.js 4.3.2

AWS Lambda lets you run code in response to certain events, all without having to deal with the backend of things. Simply upload your code and let the Lambda server handle the rest.

Formerly, you could only develop using Node.js 0.10.4. Now, AWS is happy to announce that you may now code Lambda functions using Node.js 4.3.2 as well.

This means that you can now use standard Node.js callbacks to set our own error or return values for the Lambda function. You can learn more here at the Lambda documentation.

You may upload your code in ZIP format to either AWS CLI or the AWS Lambda console. Everything else from running your function to scaling its servers will be handled by Lambda.

You can read more about writing code for Lambda here. If you would like help in creating custom code to automate your enterprise’s vital workloads, contact us at PolarSeven today.


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