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AWS IoT Launches Asia-Pacific Region and New SDKs

AWS IoT is a service that lets you connect hardware devices and applications to the cloud and with other devices. This way, you can send and receive message from billions of devices and take action on device data, regardless if the devices themselves are online.


AWS IoT Expansion

AWS is proud to announce that IoT is now available in the Asia Pacific Region (Sydney). This brings the worldwide number of regions with IoT up to six .

Two new SDKs

On related news, AWS has also released two new SDks for IoT: AWS SDK for Java and AWS SDK for Python. These SDKs allow you to quickly and securely connect your devices and applications to AWS IoT. You may also communicate through the MQTT or the MQTT over the websocket protocol, and share data with Device Shadows.

All the SDKs may be downloaded at the official site. If you wish to apply AWS IoT to your enterprise, call on our AWS cloud specialists here at PolarSeven.

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