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AWS Helps with Neutrino Research

AWS has once again aided scientific research by providing infrastructure for NOvA, the U.S. large-scale experiment for discovering quantum-level particles. NOvA focuses on unstable particles called neutrinos, which may hold the key to understanding why there is more matter than antimatter in the universe.


To do this, NOvA studies particle beams originating from Fermilab in Illinois. NOvA takes millions of snapshots per second of the neutrinos as they pass through its detector. These Petabytes of data are then analyzed by the labs’ software.

With about 10 Petabytes of data generated annually, NOvA needs not just a hefty amount of storage but also a continuous amount of computing capacity. The AWS helped in this regard by supplying data storage through S3 and computing power through EC2 Spot Instances.

To illustrate, NOvA ran three data campaigns for the 2016. The data analysis programs took up more than 400k hours on the EC2 Spot Market, which more than doubled the project’s processing capacity.

Using Amazon S3, NOvA was able to feed the analysis programs data at speeds of over 1Gbps which lowered IO waiting time and cost. Partnering with AWS also allowed for a large peering connection to other national laboratories, with speeds reaching 100Gbps.

AWS cloud technology continues to aid scientific research by providing state-of-the-art infrastructure at substantially lower operating cost. This infrastructure is available to enterprises of all sizes. If you want to learn how it can help yours, contact our PolarSeven cloud experts today.

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