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AWS Greengrass Now Available

AWS greengrass If you need to collect and process data out in an area with a slow or unsteady internet connection, AWS Greengrass can be a godsend. AWS Greengrass allows you to program in AWS using even simple devices while out in the field.

AWS Greengrass works using AWS IoT and AWS Lambda and provides access to other AWS services.  AWS SDK for Python lets you use Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SQS and other devices. AWS IoT Device SDK lets you connect to AWS IoT. Finally, the AWS Greengrass Core SDK lets you invoke other Lambda functions, publish messages, and use thing shadows.

With Greengrass on your device, you can deploy and run Lambda-based applications. You may also use local MQTT messaging on a secure network, and get secure connections between your devices and the AWS cloud. It also provides secure software updates even for Lambda functions.

A Greengrass Group is composed of a Greengrass Core and other optional devices. A group contains configuration data, a list of devices and the identity of the Greengrass Core, a list of Lambda functions and descriptions that state where the messages should go.

AWS is happy to announce that AWS Greengrass is now generally available in the US East (Northern Virginia) and US West (Oregon) Regions. If you would like to apply Greengrass and other AWS services to your enterprise, contact our cloud experts at PolarSeven today.


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