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AWS DynamoDB Adds Time To Live Feature

AWS DynamoDB adds TTLAWS DynamoDB provides fast, flexible, and extremely low (millisecond) latency serverless databases, perfect for IoT or gaming servers. With it, one can create terabyte-sized tables that can handle millions of requests per second.

Until recently, DynamoDB did not have a means to remove entries that outlived their usefulness. Some users would have to employ another service, such as EC2, simply to track and send delete requests for unneeded data.

Introducing TTL to AWS DynamoDB

Time To Live allows users to set an expiration date for AWS DynamoDB entries. This can be done on a per table basis wherein you specify an item attribute containing the expiration time.

Once this attribute is set, DynamoDB will automatically delete the item once it expires. You may also use DynamoDb streams to archive or process each deletion: log them, put them in long-term storage, or use them as triggers for other processes using AWS Lambda.

This feature is a great way to reduce storage costs, as in the case of the company TUNE, which managed to save over $200,000 a year by deleting stale data.

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