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AWS Develops Elastic Network Adapter

In an effort to improve EC2 networking performance, AWS has launched the Elastic Network Adapter. Its goal is to provide higher throughput using more bandwidth, while providing higher concurrency and solid driver support so that all users can take advantage of new tech.

The new ENA provides this high performance networking for the EC2 X1 instance type. Designed for modern processors, it gives up to 20Gbps of consistent, low-latency performance within a placement group.

ENA also lowers the workload on the host processor and helps efficiently distribute packet processing across multiple vCPUs. It accomplishes this through checksum generation, multi-queue device interface, and receive-side steering. Finally, it comes absolutely free!

While currently available only to X1 instance types, it will be available to other types soon. If you want to learn how to use EC2 and X1 instances for your company, contact our cloud specialists today at PolarSeven.

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