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AWS Data Migration Service Reaches 20,000 Mark

AWS Data migration reaches 20,000The AWS Data Migration Service lets you move your critical data from on-site or cloud databases or data warehouses to Amazon databases and data warehouses. These include services such as Amazon Aurora, Amazon RedShift, MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL.

This has proven so flexible and cost-effective for users that since a year ago, more than 20,000 unique databases have migrated to AWS using AWS Data Migration Service.

This service has helped users save on data storage. Amazon Aurora, for instance, provides a MySQL and PostgreSQL-compatible at 10% of the price for a commercial database.

The Data Migration Service also improves over time. In the recent months AWS has rolled out the following improvements.

You can find more user testimonials here.  If you would like to migrate not just your data but your data infrastructure as well, please contact our AWS experts here at PolarSeven.





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