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AWS CTO Werner Vogels Introduces More Upcoming Services

Things get even more exciting as the re:Invent second keynote speaker, AWS Chief Technical Officer Dr. Werner Vogels, announces additional new services.

EC2 Instance Update — X1 and T2.Nano

Later this year, AWS is releasing two new types of EC2 instances to service clients who require high memory processors and those who have very modest needs. The X1 type features up to 2TB of memory, designed for high workloads like Microsoft SQL servers and Apache Spark. The T2.Nano, on the other hand, is equivalent to 1 vCPU with 512MB of memory. Perfect for websites that get modest amounts of traffic, and by accumulating some CPU credits it can also you can also burst its processing power.

Amazon EC2 Container Registry

This fully-managed registry that allows you to store, manage, distribute and collaborate on your Docker containers. The images are stored in Amazon S3 and any data going in and out is encrypted.

AWS Lambda New features

AWS Lambda will soon have even more useful functions:

  • VPC Support – you may access VPC resources through a Lambda function
  • Python functions – you may write Lambda functions through Python 2.7
  • Increased function duration – they can now run up to 5 minutes
  • Function versioning – Lambda will add version numbers per change in code you upload
  • Scheduled functions – You may now schedule functions for regular runs.

AWS Mobile Hub

The new mobile hub facilitates an easier way to create the core of your mobile application. You can build the backend process for the mobile application using a single integrated console. This helps greatly increase the speed of configuring, developing, testing and releasing mobile applications. Because we combine several services, SDKs, and code into single features, 1 day spent on configurations can now be shortened to just 10 minutes.

AWS IoT (beta)

AWS believes that the Internet of Things is the future of cloud technology. IoT allows common machines and devices to communicate with each other and share information via the net. Imagine bus stops that display information on how far away the bus is by connecting to GPS. Or interactive street lights that light the way for fans going to a stadium for a match or those who are heading back to the train.

The AWS IoT is a managed cloud service that helps facilitate these technologies by allowing “things” to securely connect with the cloud and other objects all around the world. It also allows you to manage and build IoT applications to scale by providing a Rules Engine that allows you to reroute messages to AWS services and Device SDK libraries of code for specific device types.

There is more to come with this concept, so stay tuned for our post on the Internet of Things!

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