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AWS CloudWatch Logs and Dashboard Improvements

As the name implies, AWS CloudWatch service lets you spot, verify, and act on issues that occur in your AWS services. Now, AWS has made improvements to CloudWatch Logs and CloudWatch Dashboard in terms of usability and functionality.

CloudWatch Logs allows you to manage, store, and search through your system and application logs. Very handy for audits and troubleshooting.
To improve its usage, AWS has made the following enhancements:
• Better log data formatting – Be selecting a log group and clicking Search Events you can view the log data from all streams in that log group
• Simplified access to long log files – Click Expand All to see log messages in long form
• Simpler searches through log groups
• Easier collaboration on log files
• Improved searches within time frame – you may refine searches to a custom range or time frame.

You can find out more about CloudWatch Dashboards here. To learn how you can migrate your data center to the AWS cloud, contact our cloud experts here at PolarSeven.

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