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Amazon WorkSpaces Introduces Power Bundle

AWS Workspaces Power

 AWS doubles down on Amazon WorkSpaces with their new Power Bundle. To answer customer demands for more resources, AWS is giving users the option to have workstation-class machine:

  • 4 vCPUs
  • 16 Gig of RAM
  • 275 Gig of storage (distributed to 175 G for system volume and 100 G for the user)

This is perfect for developers and analysts who require high-end compute services while on the go. Using a mobile device, developers can run applications like Visual Studio, IntelliJ, Eclipse, etc. Meanwhile, analysts may run heavy workloads on MatLab, GNU Octave, R, and Stata.

Amazon WorkSpaces works very well with existing cloud-based data. Analysts have easy access to data already in S3, which they can analyze with low latency. They may also use AWS cloud-based data analysis tools such as AWS RedShift.

The Power Bundle is now available in all regions with Amazon WorkSpaces. For those who want to leverage cloud technologies for collaboration, please contact our AWS experts at PolarSeven today.


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