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Amazon S3 Supports IPV6

As the internet continues its wildfire growth, the current 32-bit entity for ip addresses, IPV4, will run out of combinations. To keep up, AWS has announced that it is now supporting IPV6 for Amazon S3.

Given that Amazon S3 is moving to a 128-bit per IP address, we will virtually never run out of IP addresses. 128-bit IP also means more flexibility and greater security for all users.

Objects in Amazon S3 buckets can be accessed through new dual-stack endpoints. Each time the DNS is queried, it returns an “A” record with both an IPV4 and an “AAAA” IPV6 IP addresses. If the client environment prefers the AAAA record, it will connect using IPV6.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Update all policies used to control access via IP address to the IPV6 ranges prior to switching the new endpoints. This is to prevent unintended gains or losses in access privileges.
  • Make sure to test for end-to-end connectivity prior to switching to the dual end-points to check for errors.
  • Make sure that an applications that read log files have been configured for IPV6.
  • Website Hosting, S3 Transport Acceleration and BitTorrent access are not yet supported.
  • In terms of AWS regions, IPV6 is available everywhere except in China (Beijing).

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