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Amazon RedShift Performance Update

AWS is pleased to announce that its fully-managed data warehouse service, Amazon Redshift, has gotten a great upgrade: you can now do petabytes-scale data analysis at a much higher speed and greater vacuuming performance.

Firstly, AWS improved their input-output and commit logic in Redshift, drastically reducing the time it took to load data and perform queries. All in all, workloads improved by 200%, with higher workloads seeing better performance. AWS also improved memory allocation for query processing. As a result, query throughput has increased as well.

Amazon Redshift marks old versions of data as deleted then new versions as inserted. This lets readers make a snapshot of the data and view the table. The problem is that this eventually slows the system down, so one must use a vacuum command to clear the space.

The recent update makes the vacuum command use less resources, such that it performs 1000% faster than before, providing superior query performance.

These features are available now. Get your company started on Amazon Redshift today by contacting our cloud specialists here in PolarSeven.



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