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Amazon Inspector: Automated Notifications

Amazon Inspector, AWS’s security vulnerability assessment service, was a hit with clients since its launch last year. To make it easier to monitor vulnerability fixes, AWS has shared a way to generate problem tickets using AWS Lambda.

Amazon Inspector provides an automated approach to assessing vulnerabilities. Clients now have a quicker and easier time finding weaknesses to their system. Of course, they often extend the automation process by connecting Amazon Inspector to their own ticketing systems.

AWS Lambda can help connect Inspector to tracking systems. The process goes like this: Once AWS Inspector completes an assessment, it sends the results through an Amazon SNS topic. This message then invokes a Lambda function which formats the results into an email, which is sent using another SNS. It may also create a destination topic and email subscription.

Full details on how to set up this system as well its code can be found here. If you want to set up Amazon Inspector for your business, please contact our cloud experts here at PolarSeven.


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