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Amazon EMR Instance Fleets Launched

EMR INSTANCE FLEETSAWS has announced a brand new feature: Amazon EMR instance fleets. This improvement allows you to create a list of up to 5 instance types with weighted capacities and spot bid prices.

Amazon EMR can then provision On-Demand and Spot instances for your cluster, based on the types you specified. As such, EMR instance fleets gives you more control on provisioning instances.

If you prefer, you can also specify Availability Zones and EMR will launch your cluster in one of them. Should there be Spot instance interruptions, EMR can replace instances with any available kinds in your fleet. This way, you can keep your cluster’s capacity at maximum.

You can read more about this completely free feature at the documentation. You may also start using it through the EMR console by clicking the Create Cluster button. And if you require services in transitioning to Amazon EMR, please contact our AWS experts at PolarSeven.



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