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Amazon Elastic File System Available

AWS is proud to announce that their new Elastic File System is available now in three regions. EFS was designed to give shared low latency access to a file system using multiple EC2 instances. It is currently available in three regions: US East (North Virginia), US West (Oregon) and Europe (Ireland).

This system is a response to client requests to have a scalable means of managing files storage. Something that could work for systems that create, process, and delete a large number of files on a regular basis, which translate to throughput demands that can change greatly over time.

Here the features of EFS:

  1. POSIX-compliant file systems — EFS also lets you link these file systems to your EC2 instances using NFS. The file system scales as needed with no upper limit, without you having to specify space storage. You only pay for the storage you use.
  2. Data protection – EFS protects data by allowing you to store copies of it in other Availability Zones.
  3. Access from a single VPC – each EFS file system can be accessed through a single VPC through mount targets created within the VPC. You may create a mount target in any VPC subnet of your choice via Security Groups.
  4. High Availability and I/O performance – EFS can be in the default General Purpose mode, or the Max I/O for systems that use thousands of EC2 instances accessing the file system at the same time. While Max I/O can give higher levels of aggregate output, take note that it runs into some latency as opposed to the default mode.

Elastic File System is available now. Pricing depends on the amount of data stores, sampled several times per day and charged by the Gigabyte-month, pro-rated. Prices begin at $0.30 per GB per month in the US East (Northern Virginia) Region. Those who can use the AWS Free Tier can use up to 5 GB of EFS storage per month for free.

If you want to set up EFS for your enterprise, we can help. Contact our AWS cloud experts at PolarSeven today.




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