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Amazon ECS Supports IAM Roles for Tasks

The Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS) allows users to easily manage and run Docker containers on Amazon EC2 instance clusters. As of today, you may now specify IAM roles for ECS tasks.

Formerly the process was complicated. Each time a program uses the AWS SDK or CLI to make requests to the AWS API, such as accessing a DynamoDB table, each request needs to be signed with AWS access keys.

Specifying an IAM role for the EC2 instances meant that all the privileges need by a task will be included in just that one role. This may lead to a security issue.

By specifying an IAM role for each task you require. The applications in the tasks containers may then use the SDK or CLI to make requests.

More information can be found in documentation. And if you want to use Amazon ECS for your business, contact us today at PolarSeven.


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