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Amazon EBS Upgrades with Elastic Volumes

Amazon EBS Elastic VolumesAWS has dedicated itself towards making Amazon Elastic Block Storage (Amazon EBS) even better suited for their clients’ needs. In the past, they have improved capacity and performance, and even included two new tiers of storage.

AWS is happy to announce that is has designed even more features to make Amazon EBS more elastic. Elastic Volumes lets you adjust volume size, volume type, and performance according to what you want. To cap it, you may still use your EBS volume even while you make the adjustments.

This way, you can drastically shorten the provisioning cycle by making adjustments on the go. You also simplify the planning, adjustment, and maintenance for block storage.

For example, if you see a spike in demand during the month, you may use Elastic Volume to increase your provisioning temporarily. You may then bring it back down afterwards. Or if you find you are nearing capacity, you may increase your storage size with no downtime involved.

You may even combine it with other services such as AWS Lambda, EC2 System Shells Manager, and CloudWatch Events to fully automate these processes. If you would like to do this for your enterprise, please contact our AWS experts at PolarSeven today.


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