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Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) Now Available

Amazon DAX Previously introduced earlier this year, Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) is a fully-managed caching service for DynamoDB tables. DAX returns cached messages in mere millisecond, letting you speed up your DynamoDB applications. This makes it very useful for read-intensive workloads.

No need to manage your own patches, clusters, faults, and replications. The service does it all for you. Just create your DAX cluster and set it as the target for read and writes.

DAX is now generally available, with some users claiming that it speeds up their applications by up to 10 times. Users may access it in these regions: US East (Northern Virginia), EU (Ireland), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and US West (Northern California) Regions.

Users pay for each node in their cluster, starting at $0.269 per hour of use. You can see the DynamoDB pricing page for more details. Note that each node is a read target and acts as a failover target as well. The DAX SDK is also aware of your clusters and will send round-robin requests to all nodes so you may use the cluster’s cache resources.

You may start using Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator right now. If you require help getting your enterprise into AWS, contact our cloud experts at PolarSeven today.


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