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Amazon Direct Connect Features Link Aggregation

Amazon Direct Connect, which provides a dedicated link to AWS services, now supports 1Gb and 10Gb Link Aggregation Groups. You can use these groups (LAGs) to link existing connections on the same AWS service.  You may even request new connections.

Formerly, users ordered multiple connections to raise their bandwidth linking to an AWS service first needed to make a virtual interface per connection and per resource type. They had to manage BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) sessions for each connection.

This caused problems wherein user routers could not handle so many BGP sessions and the bandwidth required to control the router’s plane limitations. They also cannot see if their ports end up with the same router.

With Link Aggregation Groups, users may order a group of ports that can be managed and connected through a single router. Several ports can be included in a single BGP session.

Users will also be able to manage aggregate bandwidth. They also have visibility with their ports on their device.

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