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Amazon Chime Lets You Claim Domains

Amazon Chime DomainsAmazon Chime is the service of choice for collaboration and communication within AWS. With it one can chat with as many colleagues across the world as they want.

There’s more to it Amazon Chime, however, as AWS debuts its two new features.

Claim your own domain

When you claim a domain with Amazon Chime, you manage Chime for all the users within that domain. You can for example, set up a sign-up system for new members, or deactivate the accounts of old members.

Claiming a domain entails asserting a name for the domain, then entering a TXT record in your domain’s DNS entry. This needs to be accomplished for every domain and subdomain used for email addresses.

Support for Existing Active Directory

Amazon Chime also lets existing users to sign in with their Active Directory accounts. With this you can also enable features such as password rotation, password complexity rules, and multi-factor authentication. You may also allocate Amazon Chimes’s Plus and Pro licenses as you see fit.

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