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Amazon Athena Now Queries Encrypted Data


Amazon Athena, AWS’s newest service launched in November 2016, is a serverless query service that lets you access structured and unstructured data sets in S3 using SQL.

Amazon Athena’s Query Editor allows you to write Hive-compliant DDL query. You may do the same using SQL clients by downloading the Athena JDBC driver. The JDBC driver also allows you to run queries from the BI tools you prefer.

As an enhancement to Amazon Athena, you may now use the service to query encrypted data. It also allows you to encrypt the data that you queried. This way, Athena can support customers who require encryption for their S3 data.

Also included in the update are a few more enhancements: a new JDBC driver version with new encryption features, the ability to add, replace, and change columns using ALTER TABLE, and support for querying LZO-compressed data.

You may read more about this feature in the user guide. To learn how to apply security measures in your AWS cloud environment, you may contact our cloud experts here in PolarSeven.


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