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2016 Future Of Cloud Computing Survey Results

North Bridge and Wikibon, announced the results of its sixth annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey, which analyzes trends in cloud computing, adoption, use and challenges on a yearly basis.

With 53 leading cloud companies participating as collaborators, including our own PolarSeven, the study provides the broadest and deepest exploration of cloud in the industry.

With 1,351 responses across multiple industry sectors including Technology, F.I.R.E., Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Professional Services and Transportation, this was a record breaking year for the survey.

Results showed that while slightly less than 50% of all companies either have a cloud first or cloud only strategy; some form of cloud strategy is pervasive among all with 90% of companies surveyed reporting that they use it in some way.

A new finding this year is the fact that a surprisingly high number, 42%, of companies surveyed derive 50% or more of their business through cloud-based applications. In fact, a whopping 79.9% of the companies surveyed were getting some revenue from the cloud. This speaks to the digital transformation occurring across many industries and how many are looking to not only move more quickly with the cloud but profit from it as well.

You can watch the results discussed in the video below and also check out the slide deck

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